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Attractions Georgia-Why Georgia is Growing as a Great Tourist Destination

By and large, the numbers in tourists flocking Georgia has been steadily growing over the past few years. This is one of the destinations that is surely proving to be a favorite spot for many a globetrotter. In fact statistics have it that as at the end of the year 2017, over 7.5 million international tourists visited Georgia, a figure that marked a growth of about 18% as compared to the past year. Georgia is certainly one of the greatest of the emerging platforms when it comes to tourism and its unparalleled growth is one that has been featured by a number of top rated international editions. For anyone who loves nature, outdoor hiking, and such like activities and would wish to have a great time at these, Georgia would definitely be one of the places that you wouldn’t want to miss having in your bucket list of places to set foot in.

If at all you still aren’t convinced having Georgia as one of the top places that you will want to pay a visit to, then read on and see some of the attractions there are in Georgia. As a matter of fact, these are some of the attractions that have sure placed Georgia on the world map, a destination on the radar for many of the savvy globetrotters. Read on and learn more here. The following are some of the attractions that will wow you on your visit to Georgia.

One of the great attractions taking many to Georgia, one that you shouldn’t miss out on when on your tour of Georgia are the Svan Towers. When in the great Svaneti region, this is one of the great landmarks that you need to think of. Certainly a one of a kind feature, the Svan towers happens to be one of the greatest of the tourist attractions in Georgia that you will never find anywhere else in the world. In the historical days, these towers were used as defense towers but today, they are used even by some as their living spaces. There are quite a number of the towers and you will see them in a number of places like in Mestia.

However for the best, consider views like those you can have on a visit to the remote places such as Ushguli, where some are put as UNESCO heritage sites. Added to these, you may as well want to consider the Prometehus Underground cave.

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